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Boss Up Start-up

Boss Up Start Up is dedicated to our program success stories. These students were coached and mentored through the Boss Up 101 Program and have taken the leap into entrepreneurship.  We are so proud of these young go-getters!! Please visit the links and support their journey!!

  Founder, Nykala Miller   

Giving you permission to light up the world!

OK Candle Company is permission brand organization founded 16 year entrepreneur Nykala Miller. 

"Being in high school is hard... I found myself changing to fit in; until I realized that I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  Why should I deny the world my true self? I wanted to find a way to get the message across that It's OK ... to be you, It's OK ... to be different, It's OK ... to create your own way!! The OK  Candle Company was born" Nykala M.

All my candles are hand poured, soy based and come with a message card that allows you to write a personalized note of encouragement.

My goal is educate and inspire other young people to be themselves by fostering interest in entrepreneurship and offering an affiliate program that allows students to learn the candle operation while making money. 

Make your purchase today!

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