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Inspiring the Next Generation

A proven method for sparking a student’s interest in technology careers is to connect them with individuals and workplaces that best embody the career possibilities. By immersing students in a technology environment, we are giving them the opportunity to imagine their potential future. No longer do they see their gadgets as something they use; they begin to imagine what it might look like to create technology for a living. During our visit to Atlanta Tech Village, students had the opportunity to:

•           Engage with technology professionals

•           Experience the high energy of a technology business environment

•           Gain an in-depth understanding of tech-related job opportunities

Baking with Bosses

Company visits are a great way to connect concepts and curriculum taught in the program to opportunities in the real world. Students had the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of the things that they learned by meeting and engaging with professionals that put the concepts to work each day.

The “Baking with Bosses’ event did just that!!  During the event, students were challenged to think about how they might reinvent something so traditional as cupcakes and make them appealing to their demographic. They also spoke with the owners of Kupcakeire, iced cupcakes, and came up with slogan/marketing campaigns for the bakery.  

BossUp101 Pitch Postcard.png

The Pitch

The Preparing for the Pitch curriculum educate students on how to start a business with the goal of teaching them how to effectively pitch their business/idea.


Students at Cedar Grove High School pitched their ideas and walked away with cold hard cash!!

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